Rent: August 16th 1998

ok so rent. how do i start? well before the show i saw my friend jen. i was SO happy to see her. I hadnt see her since NOVEMBER! and i finally got to take a picture of her. (dont worry jen i'm sure it came out great!) :) i also saw marnie, who i was really happy too meet also! too bad rachel wasnt there before the show though :( i really missed her...

when i got in a first ran to the understudy board to take some pictures (shayna was mimi, yaz was on for byron, byron was collins). :) hehe right after i was done some usher yelled "NO MORE PICTURES!" ;)

ok so i go to my seat and my mom is mad. "where have you been?" "where you you??" "uh just...walking around..." "are you sure?? where were you?!!" "yes! i was just walking around!" "you're punished." "hey, did i mention that i love your hair?" hehe

whenever i see someone else in kristen's old outfit from when she played mark's mom i always get scared and think kristen is out and that i just skipped over the understudy slip or something. ALWAYS. every single time i always gasp and get scared she's out. than i remember that kristen plays MAUREEN. hehe

yaz! i love her. she seemed really happy. and her voice is wonderful. not only was her solo amazing, but you could hear her soooo clearly in will i. it was like yaz had the solo in song. her voice stuck out so much. :)

shayna! GLITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE her. WONDERFUL voice. she was amazing...i just tell you how much i loved her. and it was so wonderful to able to see another mimi.

kristen!! well duh, you know how i feel about her. she was totally on tonight. her tmolm was the best ever i heard from her. i was memorized by her performance. she was just amazing. AMAZING.

byron! his acting wasnt the best but, his voice is just fantastic. and i was also happy to see another collins too, cause i saw michael 4 and a half times in a row. byron's "i'll cover you" brought me to tears. but he did scare me with one high not at the end...not that it was bad or anything, just unexpected. hehe :)

richard...better than the last time i saw him. he had more energy, but i still dont like him that much.

jim...same as richard.

matthew murphy as squeegeeman. yuck. i didnt like him at all. you know what gilles should of done when he left scarlet pimpernel? come back to rent; atleast for tonight's show.

tina ou...I WANT AIKO BACK! she squeeks to much in her voice messages. she annoys me.

robert glean, nothing special.

schele williams, very good. but i guess i'm never gonna see shelley though, am i? oh well...

jacques, same as usual. very good.

carlos, very cute. :)

gwen was great as usual. tmolm: breathtaking.

tamara was ok. there was just something about her i didnt like, but i cant pinpoint it really...

mark was great too. same as usual. :)

random notes: yaz's voice cracked in otm on "biddy bom" it was too low for her. it was SO funny. i had to bite my lip so hard to refrain from laughing. yaz, jacques and shayna all looked at each like "what the fuck??" and started cracking up.

and yaz smiled at me in sol. :)

once again my mom got cranky and didnt let me stay after. i was so annoyed!! when am i gonna meet kristen?? day though i will meet her! i dont know when, but one day! hehe :)

ok so thats my review for rent on august 16th (evening show).

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