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I went to see Rent in Aug.4 and I had the best time! One of my teachers who got me into theatre was Kristen's next door neighbor and they grew up together. Well my teacher took me to see Rent and after the show we went backstage and waited for Kristen. Her performance was great!!! When she finally saw us she was the nicest person.She gave me a giant hug and asked me if I wanted to go on the stage and see the set. So we went on stage and we took pictures together and she told me if I ever needed anything to just ask. I thought that was so nice. Then she gave me her email address and we have kept in touch since. Also when I was at Rent I was going to get the cast to sign my playbill but I lost my pen. Kristen felt bad and sent me a playbill with then autographs of the entire cast!!! She is the best and I wish her luck in all she has ahead of her!


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