Understudies. When I went to a show I used to get really upset when there were understudies on. 
Though after seeing many understudies I have learned, a lot of them ROCK!!!
Many of them are better than the person they are understuding for are!!! Take Kristen Lee Kelly 
for instance, G-d is this girl good!!!! She rocks the house! I saw her understudy for the role 
of Maureen in Rent, and let me tell you I cannot imagine ANYONE being a better Maureen. 
From this paragraph I conclude understudies RULE (most of them anyways...)!!!!!

Since this is a Rent page I will now list all the understudies for Rent:

Mark Cohen (Anthony Rapp): Gillis Chiasson and Norbert Leo Butz (aka DA BUTZ)

Roger Davis (Adam Pascal): Gillis Chiasson and Norbet Leo Butz (aka DA BUTZ)

Mimi Marquez (Marcy Harriel): Yassmin Alers (this girl ROCKS!!) 
and Norbert Leo Butz (hey it could happen!!)

Maureen Johnson (Idina Menzel): KRISTEN LEE KELLY (_l_) (This girl is da BEST!!!)
and Yassmin Alers

Angel Dummot Shunard (Wilson Jermaigne Heredia): Mark Setlock 
and Juan Carlos Gonzalez 

Tom Collins (Jesse L. Martin): Mark Leroy Jackson, Bryon Utley and Calvin Grant

Benjerman Coffin III (Taye Diggs): Calvin Grant and Rodney Hicks

Joanne Jefferson (Fredi Walker): Shelley Dickinson, Shayna Steele

Mark's mom, & others (Kristen Lee Kelly): Shayna Steele 
and Yassmin Alers

Roger's mom, Alexi Darling & others (Aiko Nakosone): Shayna Steele 

Soloist #1, woman with bags, Mrs. Jefferson & others (Gwen Stewart):
Shelley Dickinson

Soloist #2, Mr. Jefferson & others (Bryon Utley): Rodney Hicks and Mark Setlock

Mr. Grey, Steve & others (Timothy Briiten Parker): Norbert Leo Butz (aka DA BUTZ)

Squeegie man, Resturant man & others (Gillis Chiasson): 
Yassmin Alers (hehe... she ROCKS though!),Juan Carlos Gonzalez (if he wakes up on time!)
and Norbert Leo Butz (DA BUTZ)

Paul & others (Rodney Hicks): Mark Setlock 

If I screwed up somewhere (which I KNOW I did) please 

tell me

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