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What can I say? Kristen is the BEST, FUNNIEST actress in the whole wide world!!! On April 20th I saw her as Maureen... I have LOVED her eversince! She my one of my role models now (her and Jonathan Larson)! She plays Maureen so cute and funny. She is the BEST Maureen... NO ONE will/can be better. Her Over the Moon, La Vie Boheme, Happy New Year, Take me or Leave Me, etc. all rock!

Now let me tell you my little story about her... 1:35... I am talking with>P> some of my AOL friends (at the theater)... Jo tells me Kristen is on for Idina... my heart sores!!I have heard so many things, and I REALLY wanted to see her... now I will!!!! :) The show- Well the character Maureenreally doesn't come in till Over the Moon, so that's where I'll start. :) WOW!! LOL!!! She was so freakin' funny!!!! The way she said

things, her body langauge etc. made it into one of the funniest number in the show (La Vie Boheme just as funny... of course Kristen helped with that :)) The way she made every moo with her, the way she started off... :) all perfecly hystrical :) She was MAGNIFICENT in La Vie Boheme (but isn't she always? ;)) When she mooned Toby and Taye... G-d that was funny!!!! Or how about the way her and Anthony acted

in the number? PERFECTLY FUNNY!! :)

2nd act- When she came in Happy New Year she was so cute! She was the cutest in Happy New Year. She acts so cute when she's around Anthony (and Fredi too). You have to smile and laugh :) Oh my G-d! She was soooooooooooooooooooooo FABOLOUS in Take Me or Leave me!! Her and Fredi were so great in this number. Mucho chemistry and feeling in this number. It was one of the highlights of the show. She was marvolous in I'll Cover You: Reprise and Goodbye Love. She was emotional and had so much feeling in this numbers. She did them *PERFECTLY*. In the finale she was, of course, fantastic. She also had a lot of emotion and feeling in this number.

Gotta love her!

Well this is my little review of Kristen as Maureen. I hope you enjoyed it and I didn't bore you or anything. I recommend you catch the show next Kristen is on! Good luck on seeing her! There's no doubt you will love her!

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