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Hi! So you want to know more about the Official Kristen Lee Kelly Fan Club? Well you've come to the right place. Here's some Frequently Asked Questions about the fan club (FAQ):

What exacly is the Kristen Lee Kelly Fan Club?
Well its pretty much a list of Kristen Lee Kelly fans. We discuss her and you can find out some information about Kristen here too. Sometimes the mail can get out of hand, but it's really a great fan club. And the people are really nice too.

About how many members are in the fan club?
A lot. I would say around 50.

What are the rules in the fan club?
There are two rules: no flame wars (and luckily-and knock on wood-we havent had any yet) and to keep all letters mailed to the fan club kristen-related.

How can I join?
Just put your e-mail address in this little box and click subscribe.

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