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Kristen and Becca

I went to the Nederlander August 16th and I met all my friends there and me and sammy were so worried KLK wouldn't be there so we were praying and then rachel came up to us and was like " Kristen is here" and we screamed for joy ! WOOHOO I was seeing Kristen for the 3rd time as Maureen !!!! I had lost the lottery, so I had to stand in the back for the matinee ( anything to see Kristen), and I did the lottery and, surprise surprise, I lost again so I didn't get to see her again that day. Matinee- Her OTM was soo hilarious and we mooed so loud that this lady told me to shut up.In LVB she messed up in the hand movements so she put her hand over her mouth and giggled and continued on. SOL was awesome, and when she walked out her cat suit me, Niki, and Michelle screamed really loud and everyone that was sitting towards where we were standing turned around and gave us *looks*. We just laughed. And TMOLM was sooo rocking ! I loved it !! I shouted "Woo! Go kristen!" like 50 times. After the finale when they took their final bow we were all screaming Kristens name ( I dont think she heard us even though we were so loud). So then after I stuck around to see Kristen and meet her for the very first time but,nope. She didnt come out. I was soo close to tears. I had flowers and a card for her but I never got to give them to her then cuz I didnt see her, so I gave the flowers to Marcy and I kept the card. But how could I leave NY without meeting my idol ?? We went out to dinner and then I ran to the theatre and listened to the entire evening show through the wall. Again, Kristen rocked the house in every scene she was in. Afterwards, I got my camera and playbill all ready for Kristen and rachel told me to stay by the other door cuz she said Kristen would try to sneak out. So I stayed by the other door waiting for her. Then all of a sudden my friend ran up to me and grabbed my arm and was like "Look who it is!" KRISTEN !!!!!!!!!! OMG ! I gave my camera to my dad and he took some pretty good pics of her. She walked towards us and my dad took a pic and she goes " OOOh! camera!" and she waved, and I have a pic of her waving at my camera ! Then I was like " Hi kristen! can you sign my OBC playbill?" She was like " Sure. Ok. Where's my mugshot?"I giggled and she looked up and smiled. She signed my other playbill and I was like crying and i did this big sniffle and I was like "can i have a pic too?" and she goes " of course!" so she put her arms around me and I got a pic with her! I wanted to tell her so many things, especially how she is my idol but I was crying and I could not get the words out. I felt so dumb ! I love Kristen she is soo awesome !Words cannot even describe how I feel about her. She is just so amazing to me. She is the nicest cast member and she is very dedicated and caring towards her fans and Im soo happy I got to meet her and I will treasure that experience for my whole life. The day you meet your idol is definitly one of the best days of your life. I know that now. And Kristen, if you ever read this, I want you to know how much you mean to me and how much I love seeing you perform and that you do have the ability to make people feel differently and to warm hearts and to move people emotionally. You've touched my soul and so many others.You've helped make me a better person in so many ways and I can never thank you enough. You are truly a wonderful role model and positive influence on me. I'm soo happy for you. You'll always have my support.Ok.......that is my Kristen story !!! WOOHOO !!! Hope you all enjoyed it !!! Smooches !


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