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i have been expecting kristen to leave soon so when i found out that kristen officially left rent today, while i was upset i wasnt suprised either.
i am OF COURSE going to miss kristen, as will all of us, but i relize (and i hope you all do too) that kristen had to move on and that this was bound to happen to sooner later.
even though kristen wasnt planning on leaving january, she just BADLY needed a break so had to leave. kristen's last show in the end of august/beginning of september from what i understand (i'll try to find the exact day for you all).
kristen was an amazing maureen and she will be IMPOSSIBLE to replace. she will be dearly missed.
rent will not be the same without her, at least for me. the show just lacks something when she isnt there.
i dont know when/if i'll see rent next, with kristen not in the show it will be unlikely that i'll be seeing it for awhile.
well kristen we will miss you!! best of luck in everything and keep us posted on your where abouts! WE LOVE YOU! you are our mooing queen. :)