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Kristen Mess Ups
Yes, it's true Kristen does mess up every once in awhile. But she always does it with style of course :) So here's alittle list of some of Kristen little mess ups.

OH! btw make SURE to check out Erin's Idina Site, its where the i got the idea for this page (and also got all mess-ups with alittle *). So make sure to visit it. And make sure to buy Idina's album too!

6/8/97- Kristen forgot to say "To the stage!" in "La Vie Boheme" Jesse started laughing when this happened. hehe
11/1/97- Kristen slips alittle on the chair in "Take Me Or Leave Me" and goes "So be mine, WOO!" it was really cute. :)
1/18/98 Timothy was on as "Father in-Law" and during La Vie Bohem she grabbed his ass....and he was cought off guard and fell down. She shouted "Yowza!" and then couldn't sing the entrire song she was laughing so hard. She also whispered "sorry" to him.
a few times kristen has mess uped the lvb hand motions, like when you're suppose to put the hands on the table she'll sometimes do the "talk to the hand" movement.
a BIG mess up my friend rachel saw was in OTM she went "then a little bulldog...i've gotta get out of here (like on speed...) THEN a little bulldog entered" oops ;)
* Kristen always displays her breasts nicely by leaving the cat suit zipper wide open. When she was singing, "Honey, I know you're there..." Anthony came over and stuck his camera directly into her breasts. So she was running away from him and trying to sing--all this time, her breasts started coming out of the suit. She was like, "How can I atone? WOO!" And began stuffing herself back in.
* Kristen was trying to throw the rope up to the scaffolding, but she must not have had a very good foothold [yeah, those kicky high boots aren't very supportive...] because she fell flat on her ass. Anthony was just laughing and pointing, saying, "Haha! You fell! You fell!"
summer '97- kristen forgot to say "To me!" during La Vie Boheme. She just covered her face like "oops!" and continued.

oh and these are cute things that kristen did during the show, but arent really mess-ups.

Anthony used to constantly lift up Kristen's shirt in LVB. At the show on 12/30/97, Anthony *tried* to lift to Kristen's shirt again but she grabbed her shirt just in time. Damn it. ;)
Kristen would always put in the zipper in the cat suit she wears low and sometimes her breasts would almost fall out!
11/1/97- (adam's and fredi's last) alley mooed before kristen said "moo with me!" so Kristen said "There's a pyshic in the room!" the way she says "hey mister she's my sister"
the way she pinches mister grey's butt and makes the money noises (ai ai) in lvb
the way she dances in happy new year when she is trying to throw the rope up
ALL of "Over The Moon" it changes all the time! :)
and as rachel said (and i agree)that everything kristen does is cute or awesome. and its very true. so when you see her in rent make sure to keep a close on eye on her to catch all of these things! :)

if you know of any cute things kristen did or mess ups she's done please e-mail methem.
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