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What's new?
6/1/99-i added an update on what kristen has been doing lately.
1/14/99-added a picture of kristen on my kristen pics page. thanks marny!
1/13/99- long time, no update! well today i joined the Rent Control Web Ring. A webring promoting sites that use their own pictures on their websites and give credit where deserved. great idea, no? i think so. :)its been about 5 months since kristen left rent. can you believe its been that long? the show hasnt been the same without her! :( oh well, she's moved on and we're glad she has. :)
10/10/98- Oops, i havent been updating this page...ok well since the last time i updated this page i added a frames page to this site and added a new fan story. i also talked about kristen leaving. :(
9/4/98- I added the interview i got to do with kristen!!! its awesome, i recommend reading it. :)
I also added a new link to the links page: Pookiediva's Kristen Lee Kelly page.
9/1/98- I cant believe its already September. School starts in two days. I hope I like it...
Anyways I added a little form to fill out when you want to join to the klk fan club. so now if you want to join it just fill out the little form.
8/30/98- I added Kristen's bio to the site. I also added a new kristen mess up
8/26/98- I made this section and added a Kristen mess-ups page
8/25/98- I made a fans section please visit it and help add to it by e-mailing me any stories or pictures you have of kristen with fans.

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