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Ok, so as you know Kristen as been gone from Rent for a long time now (since September of '98) and she has moved on since. :)

Soon after she left Rent, she did a show call "Rock Follies". I didn't see it, so I can't really put too much commentary on it. In the beginning of 99 she did a small play called American Passenger (which ran next to NYTW). I saw this play in March (it had a short run of about a month or so) and even though the play was a little confusing, all the actors (especially Kristen) were great. It was so wonderful so see Kristen in such a different character than Maureen. The role showed off her versitality. I was even more amazed with Kristen after seeing her in this role. (she played a herion addict who suffers from narcolepsy) It was a hard role to pull off, but Kristen did it wonderfully.

Recently, Kristen worked in "Sugar Mountain" (it's a later version of Rock Follies). I was invited to see this play (it played at the same place as "CENSORED!!" - the show Kristen did in April of '97 did) but sadly wasn't able to make it. I'm sure it's great though, maybe another time it will play and I'll be able to see it.

Well, that's a short summary of what Kristen's been up to! She's very busy and you can see, but we're very proud of her for doing so well, we hope she keeps up the great work and to see her in more projects!

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