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the voices inside my head take control

Hi! ok now i'm gonna tell you alittle about myself (the edited part) and than vent alittle, especially at the end. now by the end of this you will totally hate me. just a warning...

also... i have two other more developed web kristen lee kelly page and my jonathan larson page, but you can look at the rest of this page before you go. ;)

Full Name: Stephanie Robin Swirsky

Location:Lincroft (oh yey)

Nickname(s): Steph, R

DOB: Feburay 22, 1984

Parent: Ann

School: Thompson (get me out of this hell school please)

Future School: South (blah)

Best Buds: i dont know i have few good friends i here and there i guss (i think) but i dont know who i would say my "best buds" are at the moment...or at any...

Pets and their names: well my pet rock is called fred ;)

Hobbies: loving the rent i fell in love with on may 13, 1996, admiring jonathan larson, theater, complaining

Important lesson you've learned: observe and examine, be careful about what you choose to do, dont procrastinate

Coolest expierence of my life: the whole rent thing (so far at least)

Significant other: my teddy bear ;)

Coolest experience this year: this year? i dunno

Favorite thing to do in the spring: go see shows (buts thats my fav thing to do all year round) :)

Song that couldn't be improved upon: why? [from tick...tick...BOOM! by jonathan larson]

Person(s) i respect most: jonathan larson

Character traits you look for in a person: someone who understands me and listens to me

Pet peeves: when someone mixes up "you're" and "your", when someone thinks you're obsessed with something when you mention it once or twice, when no one listens to me, when someone says they're lying when you know fully well they are

Future goals: to be a playwright, something in theater

Favorite singer: Idina Menzel, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Fiona Apple, Paula Cole,

Favorite color: silver

Favorite food: pasta

Least favorite food: brocolli

Funniest person i know: laura bridge, evan goldman

Favorite subject: english

Favorite sport(s) to play: i guess tennis

Favorite sport(s) to watch: i dont watch anything really oops

Favorite book(s): the diary of anne frank, flowers for algernon

Favorite play: Rent (still) :)

Book you would like to read: angels in america, ragtime, bright lights, big city

Favorite actors: anthony rapp, doug sills, stokes, steven sutcliffe

Favorite actresses: kristen lee kelly (who would of thought?) kate winslet, aiko nakasone, gwen stewart, rosie o'donnel, marin mazzie

Favorite movies: dazed and confused, empire records

Favorite teacher: miss kitley, mr. rasa

Favorite animals: small little kittens

Favorite number: 18

Favorite TV shows: daria, real world, alley mcbeal :)

Favorite day: Saturday and feb 22 ;)

Favorite month: end of june, july and august (any month i'm not in school)

Least favorite month: septemeber

Favorite Holiday(s): my b-day its a national holiday you know ;)

Favorite thing to wear: clothes (i wear them all the time!)

Favorite City: New York City!

What I want to be when I'm older: Playwright, director, actress...something in theater, but hopefully i will be a success playwright


Questions answered!

Why do I act like a totally idiot sometimes and say things that dont make sence?

Boredom. I get bored a lot. one day, i swear i will go crazy from boredom...oops too late.

Why do I still love Rent so much?

It still touches me. No matter who's in the cast it still rocks, as Daphne once said "It's a masterpiece whether the fifth-grade class does it or whether major people are doing it." and i totally believe that. no matter what i say i really do believe it. the music is the most amazing thing i ever heard. i have been opened up to new world because of rent, new people, new thoughts, new feelings, new everything. i become less obsessed with rent, but i will always love it. I love Jonathan a lot too; i admire him more than anything. I cannot not like anything he does. I just cant.

Why do I hate when people (from my school especially) say that *I'm* obsessive?

Uh hello? THEY'RE the obsessive ones. sex, boys, sex, boys, sex, boys, sex, boys, sex, boys. puh-LEAZE. i am not that obsessive (i admit i am...but most people are)...i've toned down A LOT on it. i mentioned it a lot here, i know, but thats cause kristen lee kelly is really my favorite actress, anthony rapp is really my favorite actor, i really admire jonathan, etc. maybe i am still obsessed but on this page is the most i have mentioned of "rent" in a loooooong time so just shut the hell up about it. how many times do they mention boys or sex? wait does that number even exist? and they complain about me with rent, wake up, dont complain unless you dont do it either. dont be a hyprocrit. dont complain about me obsessive while you're more than i am.

and also, majority rule does not rule in my mind. just because most like one thing (ex: leonardo dicaprio) does not mean i will. some people say its dumb or something to like rent because not a lot of people do (btw millions love rent, but thats not the point). now, fine let them be obsessed with whatever they want, fine with me, but dont complain when i am obsessed with something than. i only bashed them here cause i am just totally fed up with all this bullshit, and i express myself better in written word than spoken. i'll let be obsessed with your things, but i want the same couretsy. and you wonder why i have isolated myself...

Are you mentally disturbed?

yep, think so.

how come you dont like any guys at thompson? or any guys at all?

well look a them! [the guys at thompson] they're immature and ugly. eww. i mean where do they find these animals? the dog pound? probably...

also i am very picky. extremely i wont just like or think ust an guy is hot. you gotta be some guy for me to like you. personality is #1. no immature losers. being good looking doesnt hurt either...pretty smart, like some of the same things i do, listen to me, pay attention to me, etc.

i really do not like anyone at the moment. swear go G-d i dont. sorry if you're shocked by that, but i do and am not lying.

Ok thats all the questions i can think of, now i know everyone is all mad at me because of what i have said so send hate mail by clicking here. [or here]

also e-mail me if you have any questions or suggestions on things that should be added to this page or anything thing else people are dont like me