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The Rent producers suck...

disclaimer: even though kristen finally has the role of maureen now, i still cannot help but still not like the producers. so this section will remain up on the page.

The Rent producers suck. First they screw Yaz by not giving her the well deserved role of Mimi. AND to top it all off they didn't give Kristen her the role which she totally rocks in and is the best in, Maureen. instead they give it to big breasted Sherie (who makes me want to puke). that drew the line for me. I totally now have no respect for the producers. and its not like I am the only one who feels that way. MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY MANY people wanted the almighty Kristen to get the role, including the cast. The cast even went to the producers about it. But the blind retarded producers didn't listen to the cast. Kristen was very upset and for a good reason, I would be too. UGH. I hate the producers. why did they do this? Their excuse for Yaz was "It's easier to train a lead than a swing." (whatever.) What is their excuse for Kristen? She isn't a swing. She is in the ensemble. G-d knows they're easier to train than a swing. so what they have to train someone to be the understudy for Maureen too they have more time if Kristen will be in the role of Maureen. so what's there problem? Kristen's hair isn't blond enough or she doesn't have big enough boobs? Oh THAT really makes the role (um...yeah...whatever...) Actually their only reason is stupidity. UGH.

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