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From the moment that I sat down to see RENT for the first time, I knew it would become a crucial part of my life. April 24th was just the beginning for me of a journey I was totally unaware I would take. Your musical has moved me like nothing before. Some people would say my RENT friends and I are obsessed, but I truly believe that your musical has done so much good for the world and has created a culture within itself. This culture thrives today on the standards RENT tries to put out; love, living life to the fullest degree, forgiveness, facing up to fear, and learning to "forget regret". Each time I listen to the cast recording, I do not feel as if I am peering in on the lives of young artists... I can become one of them for a few hours. I can feel Mark's isolation, and Roger's longing. I can feel Maureen's creativity and Joanne's need for reality. I can feel Angel's love, and Collin's gratitude. I can even know the feelings of our favorite squeegie man, just out to make an "honest living" for himself. I guess RENT hits home for me so much because I am leaving mine, in New Jersey, to go to college in Ohio next month. This prospect scares me sometimes. My father lives in Jersey City, and is a homosexual man trying to live in "America, where it's like the twilight zone". Therefore, I have been endowed with some of the culture that RENT portrays, and have been enlightened to the many delights of living "La Vie Boheme". There is nothing that I can bring with me to school that will last other than memories. My memories of RENT, (of course the cast recording) and my RENT friends will forever be cherished in my heart. I know that you are gone, and will never read this, but I want to thank you so much. Because of you, I am more compassionate in my daily life. Because of your words I have taken risks that I ordinarily would not have chosen. Because of RENT, I am a better person.

Amy Lynn Shapiro
Originally from Marlboro, NJ my "center of the universe"

P.S. also thank you for anthony rapp.. he rocks my world!

more thank yous to jonathan