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To Jonathan;
You were a beautiful man. Everything you did for your loved ones was more than they could've asked for. The way you stood by your friend Matthew O'Grady through good times and bad is only one example. And a small example at that. You were cherished by your friends and family. I could only dream of knowing someone who was half the man you were. You gave all the love you had. Then there's the phenomenon RENT. RENT isn't just another musical on the list of many. RENT is giving us who never knew you the opportunity to. RENT is reassuring peoples faith in themselves. RENT is changing peoples lives around the world. As your parents had said in a note to me, knowing all of the positive influence you have made in peoples lives, "Jon couldn't have asked for a greater tribute, nor can we." Your family is lucky to have been blessed by a soul like yours. You aren't the guy who wrote RENT. You're the man who knew how to love and taught thousands, maybe millions, of others how to as well. I hope your time here was very fulfilling, because that is more important than how many years you spent here. I know you have moved onto a better place, and we shouldn't ache for your return. I just wish deep down inside that there were more people on this earth who could be more like you. And I know that my wish can't ever be fulfilled. Maybe I'll run into you in the after life and shake your hand. But until then, I'll see your show and try to remind people that it's not about getting cast member's phone numbers. It's about loving. It has also taught me to follow my dreams. Jon, thank you. Thank you for giving me something to hold. Something that when I'm holding it, no one, no matter who they are, can touch me. Something that I can hold and just feel like I'm holding the greatest gift in the world. Thank you.
Love a random Anonymous 16 year old girl.
Folsom NJ.
(don't worry...i'll find you when i get to heaven)

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